For Student Athletes


As a student athlete, we recognize that you have additional pressures and expectations based on the NCAA eligibility guidelines. We therefore provide all athletes with an additional support network comprised of their Faculty Advisor, Director of Advisement, and the Athletics Department. All athletes are required to meet with and obtain signatures from both their Faculty Advisor and the Director of Advisement in order to register for classes.

Athletes who are in season are also provided additional support:

During Registration:

In-Season Athletes are given priority to register for classes through “First Day Option.” This gives athletes the opportunity to choose courses which will not conflict with their sports schedule.

Athletes should first meet with their Faculty Advisor to discuss what classes they should take toward their major and overall Caldwell degree.

Athletes should then meet with the Director of Advisement to review the courses they’ve chosen with their Faculty Advisor and to ensure that there is minimal conflict with their game schedule.

Athletes who are in season are each given a letter and attached game schedule to review with each of their instructors. Athletes must inform their instructors about the specific class meetings they anticipate missing due to their game schedule and discuss the options available to make up missed assignment/attendance.

Athletes MUST be enrolled in at least 12 credits in a semester to have athletic eligibility.

Assistance with organizational skills and time management issues unique to athletes through the Athletic Department and the Academic Support Center.

Student-Athletes must obtain signatures from both their Faculty Advisor and the Director of Advisement to add, drop, or withdraw from classes during the semester.

In turn, Athletes understand that they are, at all times, responsible and accountable for all assignments and class work missed due to an athletic competition. They also recognize that they must speak with their course instructor at the beginning of the semester regarding their game schedule and any anticipated classes and assignments that they may miss due to a game.