Returning Student Housing



Welcome Back to Caldwell College’s Residence Halls. Hopefully now you have had a chance to settle down and make your room “cozy”. As you walked through the halls, you may have noticed a lot of changes. If you visit your Resident Assistant’s door, you’ll now see a Where Am I board. This board, creatively made by our RAs may we add, will tell you exactly where your RA is; in the cafeteria, in the library or even in their room. There are also bulletin boards in your wings, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest events occurring on campus and in your wing.

Our RDA Staff has returned with some new changes.

So go to your lounge, suggest an event to your RA, meet people in your wing, and let’s make this campus a community!


All students currently residing on-campus must participate in room draw if they wish to reserve a room for the new academic year. The $200 deposit for room draw is non-refundable. Students who miss room draw but submit a request for on-campus housing at a later date will be placed on a wait list for housing, and will only be housed if space is available after all incoming freshmen and transfers have been housed.

To initiate the Housing Contract process, current students must complete the Returning Student Housing Contract. Room Draw is usually held during the Spring Semester. Students are issued a Returning Student Housing Contract which they are to complete. Students are required to pay a deposit of $200 to the Bursar Office. Students are then to attach the receipt from Bursar to their Returning Student Housing Contract and return the completed contract to the Residence Life Office. Housing deposits are applicable toward room and board only, and are non-refundable if a student withdraws from the residence halls. Room deposits are refundable if a student is dismissed from the College or from the residence halls prior to the start of the Fall Semester.

The Residence Life Office will send the resident students detailed information several weeks prior to room draw. Please note that only full time traditional and adult undergraduates who are taking a minimum of 12 credits and graduate students who are taking a minimum of 9 credits are eligible for on-campus housing. Exceptions to this policy may only be authorized by the Director of Residence Life, or by the Vice President and Dean for Student Life.


The Residence Life Office will assess a $150 cancellation fee for all those who are approved to cancel their housing contract with the exception of graduating seniors. If a cancellation form is approved, prepaid fund shall be refunded to the student according to the Caldwell College Refund Schedule.

  • Within the first week of occupancy - 80%

  • Within the second week of occupancy - 60%

  • Within the third week of occupancy - 40%

  • Within the fourth week of occupancy - 25%

  • After four weeks of occupancy - No refund


Room changes can be made twice during the academic year. During the first two weeks of each semester, students may apply for a room change. Students interested in changing rooms are responsible for negotiating their own room changes, and any changes must agreeable to all parties involved. If agreeable, all parties that will be making the room change must obtain a Permission To Move Form from their RAs. They will submit the completed form to their RDA for approval. If approved, the student will be able to make the move.

Consolidation: Caldwell College Residence Life Department reserves the right to consolidate vacancies by requiring any student to move to a different but comparable space.