» Institutional Research and Assessment

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research at Caldwell University. The office serves the college community by collecting, archiving, analyzing, and reporting consistent and accurate data to facilitate planning and management decision-making and assists in the assessment of institutional effectiveness, compliance requirements, and student learning.

The Office of Institutional Research:

  • Provides relevant, timely and accurate institutional information to college administrators and the college community, the external community, and external agencies.
  • Collects, prepares and maintains statistical data and prepares periodic reports related to enrollment, matriculation, assessment, evaluation, demographics, student outcomes and other related measures.
  • Coordinates the collection of data for statutory reporting requirements.
  • Ensures that all state and federal reports are submitted in a timely fashion by establishing and maintaining a reports management system.
  • Supports and integrates college planning efforts at all levels with institutional research, policy analysis, and outcomes assessment.
  • Provides consultation, support and technical assistance to departments and individuals.