Nursing Students Attend Convention

The New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. held their 61st convention at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on February 14 and 15, 2013. The theme for the event was called, “Kings and Queens of Hearts: Ace Your Career in Nursing.” It was attended by over 1500 attendees. Overall, the sessions covered a wide array of topics. In any case, some of the attendees were assessing the job market, while others were searching for materials, such as the latest study guides or other technologies that will ease the rigors of nursing school. Other students sought to continue their nursing journey to a BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD degree by exploring different colleges/universities in the exhibit booths.

Caldwell University was strongly involved with this year’s convention. For instance, there were 2 NJNS state board members, namely Kelly Serrano (Public Relations Director) and Mark A. Polon (Treasurer). There were 2 delegates: Denise Harry and Jeremy Balagtas. One Monitor: Sharon McIver. Also, there were approximately 40 Caldwell students who attended and 4 Caldwell teachers who presented. They include: Dr. Sirota, Prof. Nimoh, Prof. Jean, and Prof. Sirola. Incidentally, Dr. Rossignol, Professor Kakalecz, and Mr. Tucker were present to support us all. Overall, the convention was a wonderful occasion that provided nursing students an environment to learn and fellowship with one another.