Gift/Donation Policy

I. Introduction

Caldwell University welcomes the donation of gift materials which support the curriculum needs of the College and enhance the collection. Due to space limitations and processing costs, the Library must be selective in the type of gifts it can accept.

II. Selection Criteria

A Reference Librarian will evaluate gifts to determine whether they should be accepted in whole or in part, or whether they should be declined and other options suggested.

Donors are encouraged to donate materials which:

  • enhance existing strengths in the collections
  • support current courses
  • are in good physical condition

The Library is unable to accept the donation of:

  • textbooks
  • mass market paperbacks
  • condensed books
  • outdated materials of little historic value
  • highlighted, underlined, or otherwise damaged materials (e.g., brittle paper, presence of mold, deteriorated bindings)

III. Terms of Acceptance

Donors are encouraged to submit a list of items in advance for review.


Gifts are accepted at the discretion of the Library Staff with the understanding that there are no conditions attached to their disposition. As the materials are assessed they may be disposed of by sale, exchange, donation, or discard if not appropriate for inclusion in the Library collection.


The Library will acknowledge receipt of gifts but cannot prepare itemized lists of materials received. The Library will not be responsible for a monetary valuation statement for tax purposes. See IRS publication #561.

Revised 7/23/09 JR