Post-Master Principal Certification (On Campus and Online)

This program is designed to meet the State of New Jersey certification requirements for the Principal Certification for applicants who have an M.A. in Educational Administration, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, or a recognized field of leadership or management. Courses in the applicant’s master’s degree will be reviewed to determine the specific courses required for the Principal Certification, which may include educational research. To earn the New Jersey Principal Certification, candidates need to complete five years of experience with appropriate New Jersey school certification.

Admission RequirementsProgram RequirementsGainful Employment Disclosure
  • Verification of an appropriately earned master’s degree through official graduate transcript(s), or current enrollment in either the M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction or the M.A. in Educational Administration.
  • New Jersey teacher or appropriate school certification

ED 635 Principles and Practices of Curriculum Development
               and Supervision in Subject Matter Areas (3)
ED 650 Curriculum Leadership (3)
ED 670 General Principles of Staff Supervision: Theory and
                Practice in Educational Administration and
                Supervision (3)
ED 672 School Finance: Public and Private Funding (3)
ED 674 Education Law & Regulation (3)
ED 675 Communications for School Leaders (3)
ED 678 Managing Human and Material Resources (3)
ED 680 Internship in Educational Administration (3)

 *Effective September 1, 2008, the New Jersey Principal Certification will require a 300 hour internship. The internship will therefore be a component of the Post-Master Principal Certification program. The internship is embodied in a new course, ED 680 Internship in Educational Administration. This three credit course will take place over two semesters.


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CIP Program Title and Definition

Educational Leadership and Administration, General – A program that focuses on the general principles and techniques of administering a wide variety of schools and other educational organizations and facilities, supervising educational personnel at the school or staff level, and that may prepare individuals as general administrators and supervisors.

Occupations Related to the program

Normal time to complete program

45 weeks or 3 semesters (based on full time enrollment = 9 credits per semester.)    

Total estimated tuition and fee costs

$17,430 (21 credits at $830 per credit – 2012-13 tuition rate)

$150 comprehensive fee, per semester enrolled

Book and supplies costs 

Estimated at $600-$1000 per semester

Room and Board

not offered

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