Post-Master English as a Second Language (ESL) Certification

This program is designed to meet the State of New Jersey certification requirements for the English as a Second Language Certification for applicants who already have a master’s degree and a valid STANDARD New Jersey Instructional Certificate in education.

Admission RequirementsProgram Requirements (21 credits)
  • Formal application to Caldwell University’s Office of Graduate Studies
  • Verification of an earned master’s degree through official graduate transcript(s)
  • STANDARD New Jersey Instructional Certificate
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Writing sample: In lieu of the statement of objectives on the application, include with your application a 1-2 page typed statement of your goals/objectives for entering the ESL program
  • Personal interview 

ED 516 Linguistics (3)
ED 517 Language Acquisition: First and Second Language Development (3)
ED 518 Methods of Teaching ESL (12-hour field requirement) (Prerequisite: EN 520) (3)
ED 519 Theory and Practice of Teaching English to Non-native Speakers (12-hour field requirement) (Prerequisite: EN 520 (3)
ED 576 Reading Foundations (3)
ED 590 Curricula in a Multicultural Society (3)
EN 520 Structure of American English (3)

Prior to completion of this program, students must pass a state-approved examination of knowledge, Written Proficiency Interview (WPI) and Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Fees are set by the testing institutions.