Combined B.S./M.B.A

A combined B.S./M.B.A. is available for currently enrolled Caldwell University Division of Business Administration undergraduate students. This program can lead to completion of the M.B.A. in five years. When students have achieved junior status (60+ credits) and have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, they may request admission into a master’s program. Once admitted to the master’s program, the student takes a combination of undergraduate courses and graduate courses during the fourth year. Two graduate level courses (Advanced Business Strategy and Financial Management or Advanced Auditing) will be taken during the fourth year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The Business Strategy and Finance or Auditing core business undergraduate courses, respectively, required for a bachelor’s degree in the Business Division will be waived. These six credits for graduate level courses will count towards both the student’s 120 credit hours required for the undergraduate bachelor’s degree as well as towards the 39 credit hours required for the M.B.A. This is in addition to the three credits waived for undergraduate business majors (see “waivers” section above.) The bachelor’s degree will be awarded upon completion of the requirements for this degree. During the fifth year, assuming the student qualifies for one of the above waivers, he or she exclusively takes 30 credit hours of core and elective graduate courses required for the M.B.A.

Admissions RequirementsCredit hour Requirements

• Junior status by completing a minimum of 60 credit hours and an overall GPA of 3.0

• Declared business division major

• Completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours of business courses at Caldwell University with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in those courses

• A business administration division faculty member recommendation and sponsorship

• Submission of a graduate application

• Submission of a 200-300 word statement of objectives for entering the program

• The GMAT requirement will be WAIVED for successful applicants to the combined program



B.S.  Business Division Degreee Credit Hour Requirement

(includes 6 graduate credit hours*)

120 Credits

M.B.A. Foundation Course

6 Credits*

M.B.A.  Courses

39 Credits

Total Combined B.S./M.B.A. Degree Credit Hours



*The M.B.A.  Foundation(2) courses completed during the senior year apply to both B.S. and M.B.A.


M.B.A. program graduates of the college will exhibit proficiency in managing a range of representative business problems and challenges which reflect contemporary global business practices. Our students will graduate with a firm grasp of business principles and practices in essential business subjects of accounting, finance, global business, legal and social environment of business, marketing, management, ethics, information systems and business policy with an integrating experience and will be proficient in oral presentations, written communications and IT skills. They will also be able to address real-world business problems with ethical sensitivity and well-developed critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In pursuit of this objective, every student is required to take the capstone Integrated Strategic Management Seminar in order to graduate. This course is designed to integrate the skills and academic knowledge covered by students in all their prior graduate business courses. Therefore, the outcomes goal of the program and the Integrated Strategic Management Seminar course will be that our M.B.A. graduates will exhibit the following:

• Advanced knowledge of the functional areas of business

• Analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for effective strategic and tactical decision-making

• The ability to comprehend business challenges from the perspective of an upper level executive

• Effective communication skills at the upper executive level in the modern corporation, including proficiency in presentations, and written and verbal expression

The effectiveness of our program in meeting these objectives will be monitored by an annual outcomes assessment report prepared jointly by the Division Associate Dean and the faculty member(s) who has (have) taught the capstone Integrated Strategic Management Seminar capstone course. This written report will be submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Director of Graduate Studies and the Office of Institutional Research. In addition, this report will also be circulated to all full-time business faculty members for their review. At a subsequent meeting of the department (early in the following academic year) the outcomes assessment report will be discussed in detail and the department will develop a plan to address any shortcomings in the outcomes. Depending on the nature of these shortcomings (if any) the department will formulate changes in curricula with a view to improvement.

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