Visiting or Nonmatriculating Students


Students who are matriculating at another college or university, and wish to enroll at Caldwell University and transfer their Caldwell University credits to their home institution, may apply as a visiting student.

Visiting students may take up to 12 credits at Caldwell University.

Acceptance of these credits by the home institution is solely at the discretion of that institution.


Individuals who have a baccalaureate degree and want to enroll in courses for personal or professional development, without matriculating in any degree or certification program, may apply for admission as nonmatriculating students. Applicants for this status are expected to meet the minimum academic requirements as established for regular admission.

Admission on this basis does not imply acceptance in or eligibility for matriculation in any Caldwell University degree or certification program, regardless of the number of credits undertaken on this basis.

Should nonmatriculating students wish to change their matriculation status, they must request admission through the Office of Admissions and fulfill all the admission requirements.