Estimated Cost of Attendance 2015-2016

2015-2016 Annual Tuition and Fees

Full-time, flat tuition covers 12-18 credits per semester. Over 18 or less than 12 will be charged at the rate of $830.00 per credit.

ITEMS  COST per year Typical cost for an UG student
with a 3.3 GPA and SAT 1200+
TUITION (choose one that applies to you)
Undergraduates under age 23 $29,950 (24-36 credits)   $25,000 scholarship
Undergraduates age 23 and over $15,600 (24 credits)
Graduate students $15,750 (18 credits)
OTHER FEES (read to see if these fees apply to you)
FRESHMAN ORIENTATION FEE *fee is charged for only the first year $250
TELECOMMUNICATIONS FEE *fee is charged only to on-campus students $200
LAB SCIENCE (per course) $45
ART STUDIO (per course) $75
NON-SCHOOL RELATED (You must reflect these costs on your I-20)
LIVING COSTS (including room & board)
*Please note that the living cost is based on monthly rent and basic
utilities (heat and hot water) and a conservative food budget for
someone sharing a house or apartment with two to four roommates.
Please add $100 to $200 per month to your budget for apartment
or house electric bills, internet service bills and cable television.Actual Room Fees are charged based on the building and room
assigned. The price quoted is for a double in Mother Joseph
Residence Hall. The price for a double in Dominican Hall is $13,325.00.
$10,965 *estimate
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $1,200 *estimate
TRANSPORTATION $800 *estimate
PERSONAL $1,200 *estimate
ESTIMATED TOTAL (undergraduates under age 23) $44,805.00  $19,805
ESTIMATED TOTAL (undergraduates age 23 and over) $31,655.00
ESTIMATED TOTAL (graduate students) $31,595.00


We highly recommend that all students include an additional 7% in support over the minimum total. Alsoplease note that Summer school tuition and living costs are not included in the estimated budget above.