Estimated Cost of Attendance 2015-2016

ITEMS  COST per year Typical cost for an
undergraduate student
with a 3.3 GPA and SAT 1200+
TUITION (choose one that applies to you)
Undergraduates under age 23 $29,790 (24-36 credits)   $25,000 scholarship
Undergraduates age 23 and over $15,600 (24 credits)
Graduate students $15,750 (18 credits)
OTHER FEES (read to see if these fees apply to you)
FRESHMAN ORIENTATION FEE *fee is charged for only the first year $250
TELECOMMUNICATIONS FEE *fee is charged only to on-campus students $120
LAB SCIENCE (per course) $45
ART STUDIO (per course) $75
NON-SCHOOL RELATED (You must reflect these costs on your I-20)
LIVING COSTS (including room & board)
*Please note that the living cost is based on monthly rent and basic
utilities (heat and hot water) and a conservative food budget for
someone sharing a house or apartment with two to four roommates.
Please add $100 to $200 per month to your budget for apartment
or house electric bills, internet service bills and cable television.
$10,000 *estimate
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $1,200 *estimate
TRANSPORTATION $800 *estimate
PERSONAL $1,200 *estimate
ESTIMATED TOTAL (undergraduates under age 23) $43,790.00  $18,790
ESTIMATED TOTAL (undergraduates age 23 and over) $29,970.00
ESTIMATED TOTAL (graduate students) $30,120.00


We highly recommend that all students include an additional 7% in support over the minimum total. Alsoplease note that Summer school tuition and living costs are not included in the estimated budget above.