International Student Orientation

The 5 W’s of International Student Orientation 


All new students to Caldwell College. Whether you are a new Undergraduate, Transfer, or Graduate student, all international F-1 students participate in Orientation.


Orientation is a 3 day adventure. It begins with just your international class, learning about being a student and setting goals for yourself through graduation. The last two days of orientation will include all new students to the University, where you will learn more about the college and meet all of your entering class.


Orientation begins at 9am on August 20th in the Caldwell College Student Center. See the map below to help you find the right location.

Students should aim to arrive in the United States between August 17th and August 19th. If you arrive at Newark International Airport during those days, the college contracts a free shuttle to the Caldwell College campus during day time hours.


Orientation will be at Caldwell College. We will be in several different locations throughout the 3 days, and you will receive a full schedule of locations upon arrival to the college. We will also take a trip to New York City to see a little more of what you can do in your free time.


Beginning study at a college can be daunting. We realize that as an international student, you face additional challenges adapting to and succeeding in a demanding environment. Orientation is a time for you to learn as much as you can about the college, and become situated in your new environment before starting your full course of study. We also focus on a few key values that we feel students should embody throughout Orientation, and you can learn more about those in the below section. 

The values we present at Orientation are:


We value an expanded form of scholarship. This means we see the value of knowledge with respect to its discovery, integration, application, and teaching. This value couples with Caldwell College’s value of “Excellence”.

[definition borrowed from Glassick’s expanded definition of knowledge]

Orientation Activities to support our values:

  • Presentation on working in the American classroom and Professor etiquette
  • Placement testing, scheduling, and the opportunity to meet with an advisor
  • Presentation on Academic Policies and the College Curriculum
  • Opportunity to join the First semester Book discussion group on the topic of “Success”


We value Relational Leadership. Unlike traditional “leader” models, Relational leadership depends on people coming together to attempt change or make a difference for the common good. It encompasses the ideas of ethics and inclusion. This value couples with Caldwell College’s values of “Respect”, “Integrity” and “Community”.

[definition borrowed from Komives, S, Lucas, N., & McMahon, T. (1998)]

Orientation Activities to support our values:

  • Mini-workshops on Leadership led by Orientation Leaders
  • Workshops on your responsibility as an international student and F-1 regulations
  • Group trip to NYC and the Statue of Liberty
  • Caldwell “Day of Service”
  • Opportunity to join the First semester Book discussion group on the topic of “Success”


We value Self-Authorship. The goal of a college student should go beyond the accumulation of academic, personal, and interpersonal skills. Our goal is for students to build the internal capacity to define their own beliefs, Identity, and social relations. We want students to find where they fit in the world.  This is not something that students can accomplish at Orientation, but we aim to offer opportunities for students to think differently about the idea of happiness and success.

[definition borrowed from Baxter Magolda’s Theory of Self-Authorship]

Orientation Activities to support our values:

  • Foundations for Success Part -2 workshop “Beginning with the End in Mind”
  • Opportunity to join the First semester Book discussion group on the topic of “Success”
  • ISO Coffeehouse w/Alumni – Accomplishments showcase