Health Professions – Current Students

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  • FORM 1 – List of Evaluators
  • FORM 2 – Activities & Autobiographical Statement
  • FORM 3 – RELEASE FORM (For Health Professions Packet and Letters of Recommendation)

Advising Appointment

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Writing the Personal Statement

Autobiographical Statement

Health Professions Committee Letter

Pre-Professional Evaluation Form

Health Professional Schools Application Timelines

Guide to Volunteer & Healthcare Experience

Experience in the healthcare field of your interest is essential. Medical schools expect applicants to test their career interest through a hands-on experience in healthcare delivery. Opportunities for healthcare experience may include:

  • Employment in hospital, hospice, or other healthcare-related work
  • Volunteer in a hospital, hospice, non-profit service or other healthcare delivery facility
  • Shadowing a doctor in your area of interest
  • Clinical or laboratory research in healthcare
  • Leadership/Community Service