RN to BSN Online


The Caldwell Nursing Department is offering an RN to Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) online program to launch Fall 13. The new offering will give registered nurses who want the convenience and flexibility of an online program to enjoy the same comprehensive program as our on campus students.

Nursing courses can be completed in 12-months. The program is cohort-based where groups progress through the curriculum together. The 15-week online courses will include precepted on-site clinical experiences as appropriate.

Admission Requirements

RN students applying to Caldwell University with a must send the following to the College:

  • A completed application;
  • Official transcript(s);
  • Current New Jersey RN license.

RN to BSN Student Admission Policies

Selection of RN to BSN Students is based on:

  • Admission GPA of 2.75;
    • Nursing prerequisites accepted with a grade of C or higher.
    • Students may receive credit by challenge examination for the Health and Cultural Assessment course.

RN Student Filing Dates

RN students are admitted on a rolling basis and can enroll for any term.

July 1- Recommended filing date for RN to BSN students interested in applying for the fall semester.

November 1- Recommended filing date for RN to BSN students interested in applying for the spring semester.

Caldwell University staff members are dedicated to assisting RN students and can answer questions about credit evaluations. The RN curriculum is comprised of 61 credits of liberal arts core and prerequisite course work and 63 credits of nursing major course work (30 credits awarded). The liberal arts credits are often substantially reduced for the RN student after transfer credit evaluation.

R.N. to B.S.N. Curriculum

The R.N. to B.S.N. Curriculum includes Core, Nursing prerequisites, and Nursing courses. Students must have a minimum grade of C for the required nursing prerequisites (25 credits) or complete the courses at Caldwell University.

Liberal Arts Core/ 36 Credits

  • Communication Arts (3)
  • English Literature & Writing (6)
  • Fine Arts (3)
  • Modern Language (3)
  • History (3)
  • Math (3)
  • Philosophy (3)
  • Theology (3)
  • Catholic & Dominican Tradition (3)
  • Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding (3)
  • Ethical Inquiry & Applications (3)

Nursing Prerequisites (25 Credits)

  • BI 203 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab (4)
  • BI 204 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab (4)
  • CH 110 Principles of Chemistry with Lab (4)
  • PS 150 General Psychology I (3)
  • SO 101 Introduction To Sociology (3)
  • BI 315N Microbiology with Lab (4)
  • MA 207, MA 208 or PS 208 Statistics (3)

Nursing Courses (63 credits/30 credits awarded)

  • NU 303 Health and Cultural Assessment Across the Lifespan (5)
  • NU 305 Pathophysiology (4)
  • NU 308 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (4)
  • NU 310 Pharmacology (3)
  • NU 413 Health Policy and Finance in Nursing (3)
  • NU 415 Management and Leadership (4)
  • NU 418 Transition to Professional Nursing (4)
  • NU 420 Community and Public Health (6)