Department of Communication Arts

Communication Arts Department

The Communication Arts department at Caldwell University is dedicated to educating and training competitive and skilled media professionals. We offer a unique blend of practical career preparation and communication theory.

Here in the digital age, journalists, broadcasters and filmmakers must have a huge repertoire of skills. Each of our full-time professors is a media professional who is still working in the field. These professors train our students in subject areas ranging from television performance to video editing to screenwriting.

We are a leader in broadcast and multimedia journalism. An example of our teaching success is the recent selection of a report from our “TV and Digital Journalism” class for national exposure in both traditional and new media. The report was prominently posted on the website The same piece was shown on a national PBS Earth Day television special produced by Planet Forward, which is based at George Washington University.

Our department is home to a national radio show on Sirius/XM satellite radio. We are part of a weekly New York City cinema series which features interviews with filmmakers, actors and screenwriters. But, most importantly, our students are granted regular access to our radio, video editing and television facilities. Our full-time Studio Manager provides guidance and support for students who are busy with editing and performance projects. You can find updates on what we are doing on the air and in the classroom on these pages.